Rompers + Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits & Rompers

Ready to romp? We love a good one-piece look like a pair of overalls , rompers, or a jumpsuit. It’s so easy to get dressed and looks so effortlessly cool to boot! To differentiate rompers from overalls and jumpsuits, keep in mind that rompers are generally worn alone (unlike overalls) and are short-legged (unlike jumpsuits). Rompers are perfect for springtime. Floral rompers are really popular, as well as other prints like stripes and little conversational prints.

Denim overalls are fun and casual to wear. They are a little child-like, we’ll admit, but they’re so cute! Layer them over your favorite graphic tee, sweatshirt, or sweater and you’re good to go! Here’s a tip, though: Make sure your overall fits a little roomier up top if you’re planning on laying thicker sweaters underneath. If you find that the overall look is still a little frumpy, swap it out for a style that sits closer to your skin like a fitted tee, bodysuit, or a cropped long-sleeve top. If you minimize the bulk beneath the overalls, the overall look (no pun intended) will feel more polished. Denim overalls are the classic, but there are other options made of corduroy or twill as well. Don’t forget that the overall is specific only to the top half of your look: there are overall dresses, overall shorts, and overall trousers. It’s up to you to choose your favorite.

The culotte length sits between the romper and the jumpsuit. This cut hits anywhere between the knee and calf with a wider leg opening. An it-girl favorite, the culotte overall is a really fashion-forward choice. It is potentially trickier to style, but don’t worry, we’ll teach you how. Pair it with menswear inspired accessories like baseball caps, beanies, and sneakers. Throw a plain white tee underneath and you’re good. It’s a very model off-duty sort of look that isn’t as common as the other overall options.

Jumpsuits are the most elevated of these four one-piece styles. With full leg coverage, it can feel overwhelming. Opt for a slim-fitting cut that tapers toward the ankle to minimize the bulk of the garment, and you can wear them with pretty much any type of footwear. But if you go for a looser leg, then we’d recommend choosing a shoe with more height so that the jumpsuit doesn’t drape along the floor in an unflattering way. For summer, try an espadrille wedge or a leather sandal with a chunky heel. For winter, go for an ankle bootie with a narrow heel. Browse our rompers, overalls, and jumpsuits now for a one and done look. Pull it on and call it a day!